So, today I have discovered my new favorite activity to cast away boredom. I sit on my 2nd-floor balcony, and I wait for people to walk by underneath me. When someone actually does, I grab my phone and play my fart machine app. They just look around and have this disgusted look on their face. It is so extremely entertaining! I suggest everyone do this. If you don’t have a balcony, hide behind a car or something.

I only wish I had this in school. I would have just placed it under someone’s seat, preferably someone I disliked, and set the timer. I mean, everyone would know I had something to do with it because I’d be laughing the hardest. But still, I wouldn’t mind getting sent to the office or getting jumped if it was for something like that.

Enjoy your new tricks,

— Sarah Tyler Deen


My Apologies


So, I’ve been on my period since Saturday. Which is probably why I haven’t been posting anything. All I want to do is watch movies and sleep. I’m surprise I’ve never overdosed on pain killers, because all I do is pop pills during this time of the month.

Anyway, I just wanted to say I’m sorry for not posting. I’ll come back once I feel better. Once I feel well enough to fucking move. So, peace.

— Sarah Tyler Deen

P.S.  Notice the tag? That was recommended for this post. CR33P3R!

I’m getting my hair cut in about an hour and a half! I’ll post pictures! (:

I’m Over It.


I’m soooo done living in this apartment. If I never spoke to or saw my uncle’s face for the rest of my life, I’d be completely content. Everything he does pisses me off, and I think that is exactly his intention. I don’t need to say much more because there is already a post of all the things I hate about him. But let’s add one– He’s a douche bag who stops my fucking laundry! Just wait until you do your laundry next time. Or better yet, next time you take a shower I’ll make sure I run the laundry and the dish washer! (:

Thanks, dick.

— Sarah Tyler Deen

So, a lot of people ask me what religion I am. I choose not to subscribe to any label, but if I had to say I was something, I am agnostic. I won’t worship anyone or anything, I won’t follow any set of rules, and I definitely won’t live my life for someone else. That being said, I would like to talk about Christians. I know many people who are Christian, including some of my closest friends and my parents.

The ones that I know don’t fit into this category that I’m about to talk about, so if you’re reading this, ignore it. Most Christians I have met in my life are complete hypocrites. You go to church, you pray for shit you want, and then the rest of your week you treat people like shit and do whatever the hell you want. Going to church does not overcompensate for your horrible actions like you believe it does. I don’t believe in religion, but if you’re going to tell everyone you’re religious, then act that way all the time.

Another thing, Christians always feel like they have to ‘turn people.’ Why do you do this? If I’m going to believe in god and follow him, shouldn’t I do it in my own way and on my own time? Isn’t it kinda of beside the point if I only decide to worship because you told me to? Stop trying to get everyone to believe in what you believe. It’s MY choice whether or not I want to believe in something. At my age, in the society we live in, I’ve obviously heard this all before, and I still don’t agree with it. So, leave me alone and live your own life.

Here are some things about Christianity that I do not agree with:

1.) No sex before marriage. Okay, I’m still a virgin, so I really don’t care if I have sex right now. But in my opinion, if I meet someone and I fall in love with him, I shouldn’t have to wait. What if I have personal reasons for not wanting to get married? On the other hand, from what I’ve heard, sex is a huge part of marriage. If you don’t like having sex with that person, why would you want to be married to them? This is something I need to know beforehand.
2.) Homosexuals are banned! Really? God made men and women. Gay people were BORN gay. They didn’t just decide one day to like people of the same sex. Therefore, doesn’t god make people to be gay? So why is it so shameful?
3.) Asking for forgiveness. Why do I need to ask anyone to forgive me? I make mistakes, I learn from them. If you don’t want to forgive me, then go fuck yourself.
4.) Speaking of fucking yourself, why is masturbation a sin? Especially if I can’t have sex before I’m married? It’s bullshit! I only know a handful of people who don’t ‘pleasure’ themselves. I don’t even know one dude who doesn’t. It’s a fact of life, get over it.
5.) Why is it god’s choice whether or not I go to heaven or hell? Honestly, I would definitely go to hell if it were up to him. According to the bible, I’m just an awful person. But in my terms, I’m an amazing person. I try my best to do what’s right, I learn from my mistakes, and I’m compassionate to others. So I say goddamnit a lot, and I eat way too much for my own good. Who really gives a shit? I mean, I’m only destructive to myself, why do you care?

There are many other things I disagree with, but this post would never end. But here are some things about various religions that I do believe in:

1.) Yes, I believe when I die, I will be reincarnated. My soul will jump out of my body to go live as another human or animal or plant. Each life you live changes depending on the life you endured in the past.
2.) Karma is a bitch. Common sense, I know. But I do believe that your actions have either good or bad consequences. If you help someone or something, another person will help you when you need it. If you’re an ass to everyone all the time, this world won’t show you pity.
3.) Everything happens for a reason, and everyone has a purpose. Whether or not you think it’s fair, it is true. When my grandma got cancer, I told her there was a reason. She looked at me like I was the devil. But I told her, I’m not sure of the reason, but it’s possible that it has happened so you can learn to take care of yourself and stop doing everything for others.

Thanks for listen to me ramble,

— Sarah Tyler Deen

Happy Dance!


FINALLY WordPress works again! If only Netflix would too, I’d be a happy happy person!

Honestly, the only thing I’m looking forward to is getting my hair cut this weekend… It’s kind of lame that I have nothing else going on. Anyways, Saturday I went to that orientation for the DFW Humane Society. I’m still really excited, but it just brought back all of these feelings of being in school again. Ya know, half asleep listening to someone talk about things that don’t matter to me, raising my hand to go to the bathroom, taking orders. I felt like I was 15. Funny thing is, too, that I was the youngest one there. I wonder how all of the old ladies felt about it. You haven’t been in school for like 30 years, and then you have to come here and do it all over again? People treating you like a child?

It just made me extremely happy to no longer be in high school. It’s so stressful just being there and not being able to do as you please. I hate being restricted and I hate people telling me what I can and cannot do. I honestly have no clue how I’m going to make it in the world. I’m pretty much screwed.


Everybody is someone else’s secret,

— Sarah Tyler Deen

Blasty Blast!


I’m going to my orientation at the Humane Society in about an hour and a half. I’m so excited to finally be doing something important. Animals have always been my muse. I love them more than people, as I’ve said in the ‘about me’ section. It makes me feel good that I can help them. It makes me feel great that my heart is so into this. And it makes me feel even better that I have a spiritual connection with all animals, and I know that in some way, I can help immensely. I’m just not sure how I can do that yet.

I’m dedicating the next year to helping these abandoned and abused animals find great homes and families. I’m just ecstatic to be doing something that has always been my dream. I told my parents when I was 3-years-old that I wanted to be a veterinarian. I didn’t change my mind until I was about 12 and realized that I couldn’t save them all. It would kill me to see any animal being on its death-bed, and not being able to do a damn thing.

So since I can’t be a vet, this is the closest thing for now. And in the future when I have tons of money, I’ll do everything I can and more to help these animals. I used to tell people I was going to grow up and adopt every animal from every shelter. I know this is impossible, but the least I could do is take it upon myself to find people who will love them as much as I do.

Animal Rescue————Fight Animal Cruelty

Well, here we go. Another holiday I don’t have the pleasure of celebrating. I mean, I don’t really like when people celebrate this day when they’re not Irish… But ya know, since I am Irish, it would be nice to actually do something. I’m really getting tired of having nothing to do and even when I think of things to do, I have nobody to do them with.

I’ve pretty much come to the conclusion that my so-called ‘best friend’ is a complete bitch. Whether or not she thinks she is, it’s true. And of course, everyone loves bitches so she has a billion friends to back her up when she’s being stupid. That leaves me always being the bad guy. All I did was tell you that it’s barely possible to lose 10 pounds in a two-day period. And that even if you can, it’s unhealthy. Sorry I was having your back, but it’s okay– call me rude and unsupportive.

Someone should fly me somewhere different and party with me! Just a suggestion.

Suck my wiener; I’m going to eat an apple,

— Sarah Tyler Deen



I’ve been really bad lately about posting! Especially on my different pages. I’m just stuck in a writing rut right now! I’m a mime, help me out of this glass fucking box!


Get the party started,

— Sarah Tyler Deen

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