Meet Sarah

My name is Sarah Tyler Deen. I am an 18-year-old from Dallas, Texas. I mainly write to relieve my stress and frustrations. I have a lot of opinions and ideas, that a lot of the time piss people off. I kind of like that about myself.

A little about STD:

-I’m a makeup artist.
-I like animals more than people.
-My dad is truly my best friend.
-I am a woman, obviously.
-High school drop-out, and proud of it.
-I wear skinny jeans and hoodies most of the time.
-I have a Bomber jacket that I wear everyday, don’t be jealous.
-I love anything offensive, but like offending people more.
-LASTLY! ……*drumroll* fuckyou (:

**Sarah Tyler Deen is my pen name. The name ‘S.T.D.’ was intentional. You hate me, but you can’t get rid of me.**


21 Responses to “Meet Sarah”

  1. 1 Conan the Geek

    [ Forums] I want link snapshots Monday, February 21, 2011 7:36 PM
    @ sarahtylerdeen wrote:
    If you’re going to blog, you might want to learn what a question mark is and why it’s different from a period.

    Hey there-
    I just wanted to invite you to come check out my new blog. I intend to use post-grammar communication technology or images as your brain thinks of them.
    I hope that doesn’t upset you..?

  2. Okay, so by reading you about you thingy I pretty much realized that we should be best friends haha.
    Animals are better than people.
    My dad is my best friend.
    I’m a girl.
    I kinda dropped out, I am doing an all online program.
    Skinny jeans and hoodies are my obsession.
    I love to offend people and I am actually thinking about moving to Texas.

  3. 6 Jackie Paulson 1966

    -I’m a makeup artist. I am a cosmetologist.
    -I like animals more than people. Animals are more compassionate than most humans
    -My dad is truly my best friend. Mom died long ago, I was five. Dad is my BF always.
    -I am a woman, obviously. I am a tomboy
    -High school drop-out, and proud of it. All A’s got me no where in real life.
    -I wear skinny jeans and hoodies most of the time. I am heavy can’t get away with skinny anything.
    -I have a Bomber jacket that I wear everyday, don’t be jealous. I use to be a Harley BIKER.
    -I love anything offensive, but like offending people more. If it fits, wear it, use it.
    -LASTLY! ……*drumroll* fuckyou (: “read between the lines.” LOL Your fan Jackie

  4. Hey, I’m heavy too! I wear JEGGINGS! Jeans that are leggings… much more comfortable!

  5. i used to be a makeup artist and i loved it! lucky you!! great blog

  6. I’m just posting here to say thanks for sticking up for me like you did. I really apreciate that.

    • Anytime, I can’t stand people like that. And of course, now she has to attack me too. Funnnnnnny!

      • I have considered deleting the post, but now I’ve decided it’s funnier to see her blow her top over a stupid and simple matter. I don’t even name check anyone, or say anything sinister. I apologized, she is make a fool of herself. Someone didn’t think that in this day and age some online activities might not be taken as innocently as intended, now she’s making herself look like a complete idiot over it.

      • I totally agree! It’s insane! And she bugs me a lot by not using any form of punctuation. I don’t even know where her sentences end!

      • If no-one had said anything then all this wouldn’t have started. I name-checked no-one and now because of her we’re all in this mess.

  7. yeah, it’s rediculous!

  8. 16 andro51

    With the description that you have given yourself here I can now see where you are coming from, the really odd thing is though, I cannot believe that you have any readership whatsoever as your attitude towards anyone with a differing opinion to yourself is immediately frowned upon.

    You have one of those complex multifaceted mind-sets that enjoys and indeed thrives on scepticism, latching onto people in order to satisfy your inner cravings, in this instance the pessimist in you soars with self satisfaction as you add your vile nonsense on other users spaces, obviously finding trouble is your forte and once in the mix you fully exploit it, adding the fuel and so fanning the flames of your misguided ego.

    Never mind though, as from what is written here inside your preface and some of the comments offered in return your fan base is growing, I just hope that you enjoy the ride into oblivion.


    • I didn’t even read the second half of this because it’s a waste of my time. If you’re talking about that Jen person or whatever her name is, then you’re doing the exact thing you’re accusing me of. So shut the fuck up and find someone else to torture, because I’m too busy to listen.

      • Lol I actually like what he wrote. I wouldn’t be upset if someone wrote that comment about me. It sounds really thought out, like he taken a lot of time writing it. I need to start pissing people off more.

        You’re blog is cool, keep it up!

  9. 19 eva626

    haha great about me page!!! nice stuff you got here..very different sort of blog!!! cant wait to go through it…and makeup artist!!!?? very cool!

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