Happy St. Patty’s?


Well, here we go. Another holiday I don’t have the pleasure of celebrating. I mean, I don’t really like when people celebrate this day when they’re not Irish… But ya know, since I am Irish, it would be nice to actually do something. I’m really getting tired of having nothing to do and even when I think of things to do, I have nobody to do them with.

I’ve pretty much come to the conclusion that my so-called ‘best friend’ is a complete bitch. Whether or not she thinks she is, it’s true. And of course, everyone loves bitches so she has a billion friends to back her up when she’s being stupid. That leaves me always being the bad guy. All I did was tell you that it’s barely possible to lose 10 pounds in a two-day period. And that even if you can, it’s unhealthy. Sorry I was having your back, but it’s okay– call me rude and unsupportive.

Someone should fly me somewhere different and party with me! Just a suggestion.

Suck my wiener; I’m going to eat an apple,

— Sarah Tyler Deen


One Response to “Happy St. Patty’s?”

  1. Didn’t even think it was close to possible to lose 10 pounds in 2 days. She sounds a tad bit crazy.

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