WTF Is Up With Ravers?


Never in my life have I been to a Rave, or any type of club like Afterlife or The Lizard Lounge. Until Saturday, that is. All it was were dumb ass ‘Kandi Kids’ doing some lame as dance called stomping and twirling around their little glow sticks. Oh, don’t forget the dumbest drug known to man. Not going to lie, I’ve tried ecstasy (also known here as ‘tabs’) and it had no effect on me. I’m sure its great if it works on you… but do any of you realize how annoying it is for someone who is sober? All you do is talk and talk and talk and nobody understands what you’re saying. Grow up, and keep the few brain cells you still have, please.

On another note, what’s with the bead bracelets that say things like ‘love drug’ and ‘boobies’? I mean, it’s one thing to have 3 or 4 of them… but covering up your entire arm with them? Ugh, I’ll pass. That along with all the slutty girls wearing their underwear. I mean, it’s okay if you go to lingerie party and actually wear lingerie, but pretty much just putting on some dumb ass pair of panties that say something on the ass that you wore to school earlier that day… not cute! AND WHAT ABOUT THE FURRY BOOTS!? Furry, neon colored boots with fish nets and underwear; I just don’t understand the appeal.

Honestly, I thought raves might have some kind of charm to them. But it was really just very boring. I guess if you don’t do drugs, things like that are just uncomfortable to be a part of. I don’t know why I ever hung out with those people in the past. I’d take metal shows with a bunch of tatted-up white kids with puffy hair, 1-inch plugs and skinny jeans any day. At least at metal shows, you know everyone is going to be an asshole. And I mean, at least rude people are fun to be around…

Moshing and Vodka > Stomping and Tabs

— Sarah Tyler Deen


3 Responses to “WTF Is Up With Ravers?”

  1. 1 Anonymous Raver

    I’m sorry but i think you’ve got the wrong idea or its possibly the people you surrounded yourself with but in my opinion raves are about the love of the music and just cutting loose and having fun, drugs aren’t everything at a rave either, the raves i went to were so fun the people were so nice to everyone else an i went to most of the raves sober. But i do understand that not everyone wont like the environment at a rave an feel uncomfortable because of it or there just not use to it, what ever the reason i understand there are people that just aren’t into it. An that’s completely your own opinion and that’s just fine with me…. 🙂

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