Old Poem: #2


Stronger Than I Thought by Sarah Tyler Deen


I always thought if things ended, I’d be crushed under a bus, not able to get out.
But after everything that has happened, I’ve grown my own security blanket.
I have a shield around my whole heart, nothing can hurt it anymore.
I am now aware that really all I need is me, nobody else.
I can get through it all as long as I believe in myself.

I did cry once, only for the memories we shared.
Apart from that, I will never shed a tear over you.
If you’re dying, feel free to call me.
If you’re in a crisis, in real danger, I’ll be there to help.
Don’t contact me about your insignificant complications.
I won’t expect you to help me with mine.

Your place in my heart will always be sealed, as every other person’s is.
I will never forget you, or any moment we experienced together.
All I’m trying to convey is that in a way, I’m happy with your decision.
I sort of needed it to happen.

I just desired the concept of our relationship so much.
It got into my head. I thought you were my drug;
The thing I was so addicted to, something I thought I could never live without.
Good thing I was wrong, good thing my daddy taught me to be strong.
I’ll always be there when you truly need me.
I hope your life turns out better than it has;
I hope you find that special someone to really share your heart;
I hope you get a job and have your own life;
I hope you realize how great you are;
Most of all, I hope you start defending yourself, and stop letting people abuse you
And take advantage of you.

Good luck, farewell, Iloveyou.


(Also, I’m going to start posting ‘Shit My Grandma Says’)


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