Who Else Loves Paul Rudd?


I just watched Over Her Dead Body because for some reason it was on my DVR list, and I’m in love with Mr. Rudd. Not the greatest movie in the world, obviously. However, I do enjoy his acting style. Most of the things he says aren’t even funny, but the way he says them just tickles my funny bone. He is definitely the best sarcastic comedian I’ve ever seen.

Anyway, on to the next topic… I’ve recently decided to look at my old poetry and revise a lot of it. I would love love love your feedback! A lot of it was written when I was 16-years-old and hating the world. A lot was going on in my life and it was the only outlet I had. I never had anyone to talk to and I was losing friends left and right.

Check back in the next few days!

— Sarah Tyler Deen


One Response to “Who Else Loves Paul Rudd?”

  1. 1 Jackie Paulson 1966

    I can always look at your old poems. I love poems too. I have not seen that movie Over her dead body. I did watch “V is for vendetta. and Unbreakable. Have you seen them? Ck out my blog I added you Sarah.

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