So, first off I am writing this from my Blackberry. Therefore, if I make type-os or anything, please forgive me.

Secondly, I started my period today. I know girls bitch too much about it, but here are my worst symptoms:

1.) My back hurts so bad sometimes I feel like if I move, it will snap in two and I’ll die.
2.) It’s hard for me to sleep, and when I finally do it’s like I can’t stop.
3.) I pee every two minutes, so being in cars is near impossible.
4.) I pretty much have no appetite. Sometimes the thought of food makes me want to puke.
5.) I can’t go anywhere or do anything because I just feel miserable to whole time and I feel like I make others feel the same way.
6.) I cry a loooot! About EVERYTHING!
7.) And finally… The worst part.. I feel even more depressed about my life than usual.

But anyways, I know this is boring to everyone and I’m doing something with my dad… Walking around downtown Dallas. So, I will talk to you guys later!

Peace and Hate,

— Sarah Tyler Deen


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