A day in the life….


Okay, so obviously I have decided to stop the whole 30-day challenge thing because I’m not committed enough to actually finish it. I’m too ADD.

Anyways, I live with my dad and my uncle. Me, alone with two divorced men. Oddly, they’re way cleaner than I am and they cook more than I do. I’m completely fine with my dad and living with him. I enjoy his company very much, I actually hate it when he’s gone more than a day. But my uncle, he’s another story.

Everything he does annoys the shit out of me. Examples, you ask? Well:

1.) All he ever does is complain.
2.) When he’s not in his room, he doesn’t shut up for longer than five seconds.
3.) Nothing he says ever has a point, and none of it is as funny as he thinks it is… well, it’s not funny at all.
4.) We can’t watch a movie or anything on TV without him pausing it a million times.
5.) He constantly complains about the smells in the apartment, when most of them come from him.
6.) He thinks everything is his property and he can do whatever the hell he wants… Yet when me or my dad does anything he dislikes, it’s like murder.
7.) The only things he ever talks about are work and motorcycles…. Nobody gives a shit, kay?
8.) He always says bad things about my cousins in front of me.. Helloooooo, I actually like them, dickwad.
9.) He thinks he’s the most valuable player at life, when actually he sucks at every aspect of life.
10.) I used to kind of get along with him, but then he called me fat to my dad. Ever since, I think he can pretty much go fuck himself.

I’d give anyone $100.00 if they could live with him for a year and not get pissed off once. He wonders why he’s alone and nobody likes him. Well, Chuck, you’re kind of the most perverted, miserable person I’ve ever known. Either change or don’t go in public. That’s all I have to say on the matter.

— Sarah Tyler Deen


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