Here is a list of my current thoughts/questions:

1.) Last night I slept from 7pm-4am, yet I was tired again by 9am and still am right now.
2.) All day I was freezing and sweating at the same time. How is this possible?
3.) Why is Matilda the greatest movie ever?
4.) I wish I would have never told my sister my pen name, she is now attempting to steal it. Sorry, sis… I’m not afraid to sue you.
5.) Why do I smoke when I don’t even enjoy it?
6.) How many people does it take to build a waterfall?
7.) I’ve fallen and I can’t get up… Just thought you should know.
8.) I really wish I had a son.
9.) Why is touch-screen such a big deal when I’ve seen touch-screen computers at restaurants my entire life?

Ehh, goodnight everyone. See you again at around 5 am.

— Sarah Tyler Deen




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