My favorite night


Okay, so I don’t feel like writing a paragraph… here’s a list.

1.) I look really lame in this photo.
2.) I was 16-years-old.
3.) See that guy next to me with the hat? Oh yeah, douche bag. (Chris)
4.) This was also the night he asked me out, turned out to be the last good day of my existence.
5.) I love car pictures.
6.) In the back was Jen and some gay guy I can’t remember.
7.) We were going to pick up my bro, Kyle… The four of us (Me, Chris, Jen, and Kyle) were known as ‘The Quad’ and were inseparable for weeks.
8.) I miss this night more than anything, and I would give you everything I have if you could bring me back for just a few hours.
9.) This night, we got a hotel, and had a few people over.
10.) Annnnd I was repeatedly elbowed and kicked off the bed by Chris, so I slept on the floor.

***I changed the names of these people. Why? Because I have no reason. I just don’t like thinking of their names.***


— Sarah Tyler Deen


2 Responses to “My favorite night”

  1. Omg you’re a funny girl. I don’t have any hotel ecstasy stories of my own, but I remember the first time I felt a boner – that was interesting. Try to behave and be good and don’t let your parents see this blog!!

    • haha my parents don’t know I blog. But I don’t do drugs anymore anyways haha the first time I felt a boner, the guy I was in love with stuck my phone down his pants… So I unzipped them and everytime I almost got it, he’d push it down farther. hahaha it was kind of awkward but still funny.

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