Bands I can’t get enough of…


First off, none of these bands are new by any means; but I’ve recently started listening to them and I’m very intrigued.

So, here goes:

1.) The Used– of course, a few years ago I was about 13 and first heard ‘The Bird and the Worm‘ but never really cared much to venture out and listen to any other songs. Fortunately, I’ve taken another stab at it, and have actually come to enjoy this band very much! My new favorite song is Hard to Say, you should check it out!

2.) Weezer– I honestly can’t remember how I started listening to them, but I’m really glad I did. The    song ‘Photograph‘ is actually my ringtone, and ‘My Best Friend‘ is the theme song for, guess who, my best friend and I.

3.) Bayside– Who remembers ‘Duality‘? Well, one day I was on my friend’s iTunes and saw the song, so I played it. And next on shuffle came Blame it on Bad Luck, Half a Life, Devotion and Desire, and Tortures of the Damned which I still listen to pretty much everyday.

4.) Aerosmith– Well, who doesn’t love this band? I mean, it’s fucking Aerosmith, That’s really all I need to say.

5.) Kevin Devine– Not a band, but an artist. If you haven’t listened to, or ever heard of this man before… I suggest you go listen to him right now! He’s in some ways changed my life. I had heard ‘Not Over You Yet‘ a few times, but I never paid much attention to it. But then I finally heard ‘Brooklyn Boy‘ and ‘Time to Burn‘ and I immediately fell in love.



I suggest you all go listen to these if you haven’t already! Also, tell me about what kind of music you’re into at the moment! I’d love to hear about it!

— Sarah Tyler Deen




2 Responses to “Bands I can’t get enough of…”

  1. 1 AA

    I always like it when people blog about music that interests them 😀 I like discovering new bands/artists. And I agree with you about Aerosmith! I’ll check the others out!

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